Simple Energy Inc.

Our current focus is launching Simple Energy, Inc., a breakthrough technology company that saves on electricity use and costs for businesses, institutions, and governmental/municipal entities. The company is currently deploying demonstration systems in and around Orange County, CA.

For additional information, contact Safi Qureshey.

Skyline Capital MAnagement

Focused on innovative solutions in technology and real estate.

Skyline Capital Management is a cutting-edge and innovative enterprise that makes investments in technologies, healthcare, real estate and a variety of international businesses. We are a high net worth family office that has achieved financial success but remains on the frontier of human and technological progress, helping to drive positive change. The founding family members remain directly and daily involved and are passionate about philanthropy, with focus on global empowerment of women; improvement of health; and universal access to education.

Our Focus Areas

High Technology

We invest in and advise a wide-range of high technology businesses taking advantage of our teams' global experience in founding, managing, scaling, and exiting successful companies.

Real Estate Development

We are developers, investors and managers in a range of real estate properties in California and Texas.

We are offering for sale:

Retail & office land properties in Arlington and Ft. Worth, TX
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Passage to Asia

With family, properties, investments and extensive business relationships spanning decades throughout Asia; our focus on these fast-growing markets spans the gamut from business development, strategic partnerships, and sales of unique technologies to innovations that will disrupt markets and improve lives and ecosystems.

Opportunity for U.S. Military Veterans

Skyline Capital Management has an open position for a recently separated U.S. military veteran (ideally at the end of their first or second tours) to be a paid intern working directly with our senior team.

For additional information see:  SCM-Veteran Interns Description