Who We Are


Revolutionizing global healthcare and education infrastructures is no simple task…

With Skyline Capital Management’s resources and Safi’s ample technology skills, investing experience, and connections across top universities, venture capital, and investment groups, he believes that millions more can learn the critical skills necessary to become productive and informed global citizens.

Our Background

To understand SCM and it’s focus, you need to know a little of the business & public background of its Founder, Safi Qureshey…

Safi has been on the frontline of technology innovation since 1980, when he co-founded AST Research, Inc. to address the burgeoning PC market. Since then, he has grown an international network through his many successes in technology, investment, political service, and philanthropy. It’s with his experience and these connections that he strives to bring two fundamental human rights to those in need across the world: health and education.

A Vision for Human Rights

Safi’s vision is to leverage computer technology and the internet to deliver distance-learning and telemedicine to the most remote regions of the world, allowing millions of human beings to rise from crippling poverty to the ranks of productive global citizen.

For more information regarding Safi’s organizational involvements and accomplishments, see his profile on LinkedIn.

The Rise of AST

In 1984, with AST Research, Inc., Safi became the first Pakistani-American to take a company public, amassing sales of more than $100 million. In 1991, when Dubai was barely known to American companies, AST was the first technology company to build a new facility in Jebel Ali to reach the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia.

By 1992, AST saw profits of $1.4 billion, granting them a spot in the Fortune 500 and Safi the designation of first Pakistani-American founder/CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

With more than 6,000 employees and sales of over $2.5 billion, AST ranked as one of the top PC companies in the world and was the market share leader in China. In 1997, the company was acquired by Korea’s largest electronics company, Samsung Electronics.

A Career Beyond

As successful as AST was, it was only the launching point of Safi’s career.

In 1997 Safi founded Skyline Capital Management to act as the Qureshey family office for administration as well as portfolio and investment management and consulting.

In 2000, he became the CEO of Avaz Networks, the first American technology company with more than 150 employees in Islamabad, Pakistan. Avaz also touted the largest team of post-graduates under one roof and, with Safi’s guidance, extended into Malaysia to connect with local education and research institutions for collaborative R&D.

In 2000, Safi also launched Irvine Ventures to invest in privately held, early-stage internet and technology startups.

In 2003, Safi founded Quartics, a fabless semiconductor company with a focus on wireless video transmission and processing in Irvine, California. He served as CEO until 2008.

Safi is currently involved with several startup technology companies as an advisor, board member and venture investor.

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