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High Technology

Technology interests are led by Safi Qureshey.

Simple Energy

Simple Energy provides innovative technologies to optimize and significantly reduce end-user electric power consumption and costs.


Interpreta’s analytics engine continuously updates, interprets, and synchronizes clinical and genomics data, creating a personalized roadmap and enabling the orchestration of timely care. These real-time insights provide physicians, care managers, and payers with patient-specific guidance needed for quality improvement, clinical prioritization, population management, and precision medicine.

Anvita Health

Anvita Health® is an industry-leading health care analytics company that provides caregivers and payers with real-time and batch mode clinical insights to improve outcomes. Acquired by Humana

Hello Nurse

Offering intuitive and efficient wireless monitoring systems for care facilities and the home, Hello Nurse was designed to alleviate some of the most common yet persistent problems that caregivers face when caring for the elderly and bedbound residents.

Edisun Microgrids

With visionary solar energy solutions to power a sustainable civilization, Edisun has developed a breakthrough in low-cost, high-accuracy solar concentration technology. Edisun’s proprietary technology can deliver concentrated solar for the complete spectrum of applications ranging from steam to process heat to high temperature thermo-chemical reactions.


Autofusion Corporation is a leading provider of products and services for automotive e-commerce. The company’s offerings facilitate significant sales efficiencies for dealers, help consumers select cars, and match consumer selections with dealer inventory at the best prices.


Zeptor Corporation is a nano-scale manufacturing firm dedicated to bringing the high-yield, low-cost systems and techniques forged in the semiconductor industry and honed over decades to the nascent clean energy industry. Zeptor's goal is to develop and manufacture high-efficiency, light-weight electrodes for use in lithium batteries, fuel cells and capacitors.

MeU Care

MeU CARE is the healthcare industry’s leading HIPAA secure Multi-Channel Messaging and Real-Time Data solution.

Vampire Tools

Vampire Tools are what professional mechanics and engineers use for everyday tasks, tough problems, and when a job just needs to get done right.

Point Load Power

Not just electricity, but also the power we provide commercial and industrial (C&I) building owners to take back control of how they access and use energy. There are 120 million C&I buildings in the U.S. alone. They consume 75% of all domestic electricity generated. We see their 87 billion square feet of flat rooftops as potential power plants. Unlocking these idle real estate assets will create trillions of dollars of new value for building owners, businesses, and local economies.

Real Estate

Real estate interests are led by Sohrab Charna


Richardson, Texas


Irvine, CA


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Irvine, CA

Special Projects


Hashi Link is founded by a group of professionals who have decades of experience in global business. The team also has extensive and long experience helping companies between Japan and the US grow. We have built companies from startups to Fortune 500 and have experience in all financial aspects of business from seed funding, strategic partnerships, M&A and IPOs.


With family, properties, investments and extensive business relationships spanning decades throughout Asia; our focus on these fast-growing markets spans the gamut from business development, strategic partnerships, and sales of unique technologies to innovations that will disrupt markets and improve lives and ecosystems.

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